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Birth photography is something that really makes my soul happy. Being trusted to be present at a birth is amazing and I am truly grateful to the families who let me share these moments with them. This birth was extra special for me because it was the second birth that I was invited to! Almost two years ago I had made my way through the night to witness the birth of Oliver, a fast-paced birth which ended in a beautiful VBAC and ecstatic parents. This time, I would be taking Casey with me, and once again labor picked up as night fell and we rushed over to be with Jordan as she prepared for the arrival of baby #3.

Mama worked hard for this baby! After hours and hours of early labor, things picked up quickly once all of her birth team (the amazing midwives from Riverside Midwifery) arrived and she was soon in the birth pool, working through her contractions with the help of her husband. He was a rock, by her side all the way, so beautiful to watch and see the love between the two of them. Then, Jordan felt like she could feel the baby's head and excitedly, biggest brother Henry was woken up to come and see his new sibling being born, only to discover a big {enormous!} bag of bulging waters! I've never seen anything like it! And it tricked us all into thinking the baby would follow close behind only for it to be another 45 minutes of pushing!

But finally, he was here. Another boy! Thomas Ezra, born one day after his 'due date' at 1.01am. Perfect, beautiful, pink and squishy. Thank you Jordan, Kevin, Henry and Oliver for letting me be part of your amazing experience!

Enjoy the video!

Lindsey is a family photographer working in Frederick, Maryland and the surrounding areas. Her passion for photography centers around early parenthood. Capturing pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and newborns and focusing on motherhood and how that looks in all its forms. Women are amazing!



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