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March 04, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

"Hey Lindsey, are you taking birth photography calls at all?"

"I'm tentatively considering it I've been asked a couple of times but it's going to be reliant on having Casey with me most likely. So I'll chat with people but the circumstances need to fit!"

"I'd be cool with Casey coming along"

This was a conversation I had with my then-8-months-pregnant midwife from Riverside Midwifery back in November! This was the woman who had been (almost) at Tyler's birth and had cared for me through Casey's pregnancy and birth, and now I was being asked to be her birth photographer! I was so happy and overwhelmed! And of course, as Casey could come with me, I said yes! 

I knew I would be on call over Christmas, and maybe into the New Year... but in the end, this baby had her mama (and her birth team) waiting longer than anyone knew she would, with some promises of labor that ended in nothing, until one day, on a convenient Saturday morning well in January 2016 I finally got word to come...

10.22AM "Should be time to come soon"

10.32AM Ring ring {Husband} "Come now"

10.58AM First photo taken

11.27AM Saoirse was born!

I'm so grateful that I can share these photos, and give you a brief glimpse into this truly beautiful and amazing FAST birth of Saoirse. No-one knew she was a girl, except for Tabi, her older sister who had said all along that she was a girl. This birth of baby #3 was healing, quick and beautiful and I am truly honored to have been a part of it.





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