Reminiscence part 10: Breastfeeding! | Frederick MD Breastfeeding Photographer

July 12, 2013  •  1 Comment


I take nursing photos because I love to capture something so special, so pure and enchanting.  Have you ever sat around a pregnant woman nursing? I swear the oxytocin gets in the air and you can sit around in a happy space.

The nursing relationship is such a fleeting thing.  Even if you 'extend' breastfeeding, the reality is your children will probably never remember the experience, and yet it is such an important time for them and for you!  



















Have you ever watched a nursing Mother? Look at the way she looks at her baby, plays with their hair, strokes their cheek, holds their hand...






















There is an intimacy to the breastfeeding relationship which is so difficult to describe, but in my photos I hope to capture it.  I love that these photos can't be staged - you can know what you want the scenery to be, and you can tell them where to sit, but you can't stage the photos.  This is true portraiture, emotional, loving, passionate and beautiful.

Yes, ^^ that's me! :)

So let me shout it from the rooftops - I LOVE BREASTFEEDING!! I always feel so honoured when I am asked to do these photos and these sessions make me so happy!

My best friend summed it up with the words she sent me when she saw the photos from her session:


Yay :-) I love these pictures. Especially mine :-D
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