Reminiscence part 2: Meghan & Nathaniel | Frederick MD Family Photographer

July 02, 2013  •  1 Comment

Meghan introduced me to the beauty of Walkersville community park. This remains one of my favourite places to shoot. It has water, bridges, railway tracks, trees... it's beautiful! I love shooting in the Fall, everything looks so golden and colours really shine in photographs. We kept pushing back this shoot so we could get the perfect timing, but the trees in MD didn't want to shed their leaves last year!  It still turned out to be a beautiful evening, with leaves carpeting the ground and the sunlight glistening through the trees. Just stunning.  


Meghan also allowed me to take some awesome nursing photos - more on my breastfeeding portraiture in a later post!



Thank you for giving us beautiful photographs to mark such a happy time in our lives! We adore these pictures and loved the entire experience. I can't believe how much Nate's changed since these were taken... your photos take me back to that day :)
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