Reminiscence part 1: Brandan | Frederick MD Family Photographer

July 01, 2013  •  2 Comments

Up until Brandan I only took photos of people I knew...

I met Jenn through a friend and through the powers of Facebook she came across some images I had taken for another friend.  She really started me on my journey to make my passion into a business, and I don't know if she realizes how much credit she should take for that! I guess now she does..

When we got together for this shoot, Brandan was going to be turning one and Jenn was pregnant with baby #3.  It doesn't seem that long ago yet now Brandan is turning two and baby Vera must be turning 6 months soon. More on her in a later post...

This shoot taught me that I could take photos of children I didn't know! It also made me realize how much I wanted to take photos of children I didn't know!

This was it, the start of something special...



Lindsey Welch Photography | Frederick MD
Thanks Jenn! :)
Jenn P.(non-registered)
You have a gift :)
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