Nursing love | Frederick MD Breastfeeding Photographer

May 02, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

There is something so magical about new parents. The way they look at their new babies with awe and wonder, through tired eyes which don’t hold resentment or anger; the way they touch their hands, and stroke their heads; the quiet mumblings as mothers nurse, and the soft voice of the father quietening a weary cry.  I am so lucky to be present for so many moments for so many parents.

This session holds so much love for me as this is my best friend.   She who joined me on endless nights of drunkenness in our twenties, who dulled the misery of my broken heart, stood by my side at my wedding, the first friend to know I was pregnant.  She is a mother now, and what a fantastic job she is making of it!




I love photographing breastfeeding sessions.  Women don’t realise how beautiful they look when they are nursing their babies.  This relationship, which at first seems like it is endless, slows down and eventually stops, and to capture its beauty is just so special.


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