Peter's incredible hospital birth story | Frederick MD birth photographer

March 04, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

A year before Peter's birth my parents were in town visiting and we took our annual trip to Chuck E Cheese! On our way out, a couple stopped me and this lovely woman asked me if I was Lindsey Welch and told me how much she loved my photography. My mum thought I was a mini-celebrity that day! Haha! Four or five months later, the same lovely woman got in touch to tell me that she was pregnant! And that she would love to have me take their birth photos! It was a happy happy day and I was so honored to get to know this amazing family and be part of their pregnancy and birth journey.

This mama was incredible to watch as she labored without drugs after being necessarily induced when baby's heart rate kept dropping. She worked so hard to bring Petey down and into this world and we were all so excited and happy to bear witness to such love, strength and beauty! 

Welcome to the world Peter! Your mamas love you so much! <3


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