Super quick rainbow baby home birth | Frederick MD birth photographer

March 21, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Sometimes babies come super fast! They don't want to wait for photographers or midwives... Sometimes they just want to come out and meet their family. This was the story of my own second baby too! He wasn't interested in a long labor and came quickly into the world one night. So when I was called early one morning and told that contractions had come on very strong from the outset, I got dressed, grabbed my gear and made my 45 minute journey to their home. Baby Jatniel was born about 10 minutes before I arrived!

Luckily I was still there to capture plenty of first moments for this family. Breastfeeding, big sister waking up and meeting her baby brother, weigh-in and cord cutting. There is so much more to birth photography than just the birth! This birth was extra special for this family, as Jatniel was a much-anticipated rainbow baby. His older brother Mateo did not make it to full gestation and was born sleeping. Rainbow babies bring so much peace and joy to the world <3

Here are some of my favorite moments from this story...

(Also, this family maternity session can be found here)


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