Connor's birth, May 2016 | Frederick MD Birth Photographer

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What do you do when one of your most favorite people in the whole world asks you to be at the birth of their baby? Calmly say yes and then secretly go and cry happy tears while doing a little jig? Yes, that's most likely what I did... or maybe not so secretly HAHA.

This is the story of Connor. Connor was a small surprise for this amazing family, just as they had bought their new home and were looking forward to settling in to a new house with their two kids and let life calm down a little... Connor had other ideas. This little soul decided it was time to mix things up a little and so his story began...

A beautiful maternity session...

And all we had to do was wait for the birth...

And wait and wait! When you don't know *exactly* when you conceived, you don't really know when the baby might be due! So end of April / early May was a great guess, with a possibility of earlier. So wait and wait we did! And days and days of pre-labor happened but the baby wasn't ready to come. And then one day, little Connor decided it was time. Or more likely, Meghan's body decided it had had enough and labor began hard and fast and we all knew, with a history of precipitous births, that we had to get there!

12.50pm "Lindsey, this is it, time to have a baby"

1.55am Connor James is born. 9lb 8oz, 22" long. Beautiful, perfect baby boy.

Thank you thank you beautiful friend for inviting me into your birth space. Witnessing a birth so powerful, so strong, so intense, was an incredible honor. I hope my photos helped to capture it for you!


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